Interactive Voice Response (IVR) transaction processing reduces your PCI scope over-the-phone payments.  Fully customizable and available in different languages, Bankcard Associates IVR acts as a phone-based payment acceptance application that ensures the safety of sensitive customer payment information.

  • Touchtone and Voice Activated IVR Payments
    Processing payments just got easier with Bankcard Associates IVR systems, which allow merchants to accept credit cards and manage the payment process through a touch tone phone.  Merchants on the go can receive real-time credit card payments in a mobile environment, processing credit cards quickly and easily without the need for an Internet connection or credit card terminal.
  • Improved Customer Service and Convenience
    With Bankcard Associates IVR capabilities, customers can make payments, check balances and manage accounts from their touchstone phone.   Paying bills becomes quick and easy, eliminating lengthy on-hold times for improved customer service.  When customers can make credit card payments without the need for an Internet connection, they can pay wherever they go and minimize late payments.  Multiple language capabilities simplify the process and ensure clear communication.
  • Full Compliance with PCI Standards
    At Bankcard Associates, we go to great lengths to protect your business, your customers and sensitive data.  Our IVR systems work seamlessly with our PCI certified payment gateway, processing credit cards safely while reducing the risk of credit card fraud.

Step 1.
There are two ways to initiate IVR payment

Customer calls in to a number listed on merchants website/bill to make a payment or Customer Service Agent transfers call to IVR to make payment.

That Phone number is hosted on our gateway server.

Step 2.
Customer inputs payment data via voice or touchpad

Step 3.
IVR digitally connects to the Gateway to securely process the transaction and tokenize the sensitive payment data.

Step 4.
The Gateway approves or denies the transaction

Step 5.
The payment processes securely.  Gateway digitally connects to the merchants accounting system or website to return the token and truncated payment data.  The transaction can be confirmed in one of three ways.

  1. Real-Time Response:  Instant notification to merchants system, confirming payment has been made.
  2. WebHook:  After-the-fact confirmation of payment to merchant and/or customer
  3. Batch Reporting:  (For merchants using reporting API’s) Notice of processed payments through batches