ACH Debit enable merchants to process debits from a consumer or business checking account.  Debits can be scheduled for a one-time charge or for recurring billing.  Using web-based interface and a PC, merchants can electronically deduct payments from clients account for faster safer processing.

  • What is ACH Processing?
    With our ACH processing solution, you can provide customers with another flexible payment option and accept electronic checks safely and efficiently.  Similar to the check process, ACH payments are transmitted electronically for faster authorization and simplified transactions.  By saving time and cutting costs associated with traditional check payments, you can save money while improving customer service and increasing profits.
  • Avoid ACH Fraud with PCI Secure Electronic Checks
    Electronic data theft is becoming more and more complex, making it crucial for businesses to take the proper precautions when accepting credit cards and ACH payments.  Bankcard Associates ACH payment processing products comply with PCI DSS standards, ensuring the highest levels of security to protect merchants, businesses and customers from credit card and ACH fraud.
  • How Does ACH Work?
    The ACH payment process is similar to the traditional paper check process:  Clients or customers provide their bank routing or checking account number, yet the payment is verified and sent electronically through the ACH system for a more immediate transfer.  Businesses often use ACH payment processing to offer direct deposit options for employees; allow for direct payments on loans, rent, mortgage or other bills; simplify business-to-business transactions; and even make e-commerce payments.