We make selling online secure, fast and reliable. Our secured gateway is certified with over 500 shopping carts and E-Commerce Platforms. With real time sale notifications, your business is able ship product immediately.

  • How an Online Payment Gateway Works
    An online credit card transaction begins with the e-commerce sale:  Either through a secure hosted payment form on the merchant’s website, or through an integrated shopping cart, where the customer enters his or her credit card information and hits “Submit Order” or a similar button.  Once encrypted, the payment makes its way to the payments gateway, which forwards the information to the merchant bank’s processor.  From there, the payment continues on through the credit card network and the customer’s credit card issuing bank for authorization.
  • Fast, Secure Online Transactions
    With the growing convenience of online credit card processing in today’s technology-driven market, we understand your business’ need for online payment gateways that provide efficient authorization and maximum security.  Whether you process thousands of online transactions daily, or you need to enter credit card information manually from mail order and telephone order sales, our merchant payment gateway system will help your business run more efficiently-increasing sales and dramatically reducing costs.

  • We Offer Features to Meet Your Needs
    Our Gateway offers a wide range of features and functions that help you increase sales while managing a better business.  Our advanced merchant hierarchy and management functions include fraud filters, batch uploading, returns, voids, and import and export features.