With our secured gateway, we make it easy to accept credit cards from your computer. By using a web browser, your able to swipe cards through a USB Card Reader and accept cards over the phone.  You can also setup Recurring payments with secured tokenization. 

  • Reliable, Cost-Effective Virtual Merchant Account
    If you own a small business, work from home or accept payments mainly from mail order and telephone order sales, our virtual terminal credit card processing services can help streamline your payments for quick, efficient and secure service.  By manually or swiping credit cards from your computer, you can speed up the authorization process and enjoy improved profits right away. Our virtual terminal only requires an internet connection.  Card readers are Optional.
  • Virtual Credit Card Terminals with PCI Security
    At Bankcard Associates, we make security a top for every merchant.  PCI compliance is a requirement for any business that accepts credit card payments, and all of our payment processing solutions are backed by PCI compliant security features designed to protect you and your customers.  Processing major credit cards, debit cards and checks is easy with the Bankcard Associate solution.
  • Recurring Payments with Secured Tokenization
    Customers expect flexibility and convenience when making online payments.  With recurring billing options, customers can set up weekly or monthly payments and have receipts emailed directly to their inbox.  All card data is stored in our secured gateway under a tokenization.
  • What is Tokenization?
    Tokenization is a security method that reduces merchant liability of handling sensitive data, and reduces their PCI scope.  Tokenization replaces sensitive payment data with a unique token that is worthless to thieves.  This process safeguards sensitive customer payment information and ensures safe, secure transactions.

How It Works

Step 1.
Customer supplies payment method for purchase.  Merchant sends payment data to Gateway via swipe, hand keying, e-commerce or batch mode processing.

Step 2.
Gateway creates a token for the transaction and encrypts the data so no one but can read it while sending the transaction for authorization/approval.

Step 3.
The transaction is either approved or declined and the transaction details are returned to gateway.

Step 4.
Gateway returns the token and transaction data to the merchant.  The merchant can store the token in place of the credit card data in their system.