Hosted Payment Forms

our services allow you to choose or create your own hosted payment form

what our forms do for you

Streamline Your Payment Collection

Our Hosted Payment Form gives you the ability to email your customers for payment or to create a link on your site to collect payment. You can use one of our forms or even customize your very own. Through us, you will receive a highly secured payment method that does not rely on PCI-Compliance, since the form is hosted on a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) server.

A Step-By-Step Roadmap

hosted payment form's
4-step process


Customer decides to come to your site to make a payment or purchase


Your site automatically will route them over to your payment acceptance form


Bankcard's Gateway then authorizes and tokenizes the
payment information


Customer is routed to a confirmation page and sent an email of their purchase

Explore Some Of Our Hosted Payment Forms!

Credit Card Only
ACH Only
Credit Card & ACH
Credit Card & ACH with Recurring Billing

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