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Reporting portal

Our platform is a comprehensive and simple to use merchant payments portal where businesses can manage their credit card transactions. In the portal, you can do things such as view full transaction life cycles, full reports and have access to your monthly statements. Scroll down and discover more about the functionality of our portal and what it has to offer you!

Helpful Snapshots of The

Reporting Portal's Features

Understanding your dashboard

Once logged into your account, you are automatically taken to your Dashboard. Here you are immediately opened up to a summary of your current open batches. With this summary, you are able to view both authorized and captured transactions for all your business locations. Below that, you will see an overview of your businesses five most recent funding events. 

Real Time look at your transaction history

Under this tab, you are easily able to pull live transaction reports. When your account is active, you will be able to see a 90 day history of both your statements and transaction data. In addition, you are able to filter these transactions by Location, Date Range, Method, Status of the transactions, Front End (where the transaction originated) and Columns (what is displayed in the reports). If you would like to get more or specific information regarding a certain transaction, simply find and click on the that transactions number.

View Your funding event totals

The Funding tab allows you to view deposits that are made into your account. If you would like to learn more on a specific deposit, simply click on its funding date in order to see what transactions made up that deposit.

Chargebacks and your account

The chargeback section allows you to determine if there are any chargeback’s to your account. We report on the chargebacks as they occur and provide all of the available information regarding those chargebacks as we can. This way, we are able to create a more proactive environment for the merchant to be able to address and handle each chargeback.

Receive monthly statements of charges to your account

With the Statement Feature you are able to see any and all charges  for each one of your locations. To do this, simply click the date for the statement that you are looking for and download the PDF for that statement. 

a look at the online virtual terminal offered through this portal

On our portal and need to run a transaction? No problem. By clicking on the “Virtual Terminal” tab you are able to run an actual transaction, real-time, through the portal. To do this, you first start by clicking on the type of transaction you are attempting to run. From there you follow up by entering in the customer’s information, the respective dollar amount and then finally finish up by clicking the “Process Transaction” Button. 

If you have Any questions or need any help, contact us here!

The Support tab gives you insight on how to reach our 24/7 customer service center. If you are experiencing any problems with our portal, or need any assistance, you can either call or email one of our representatives with your questions.